Oral Testing Instructions

Oral Testing:

So as you know, this course has a big focus on speaking and reading fluency; getting the lughah on the tongue. This has been a primary focus when working with the new words and the grammar structures and when sitting in the live sessions.

Now you will be assessed during a 45 minute session, inshaAllah.

  1. Prepare a 45 - 60 second speech.
  2. Answer questions that are asked to you about any of the 11 topics of the course.
  3. You will be shown 4 pictures and be asked to speak about what you see.
  4. You will be shown a short reading text and asked to read it aloud. It will be chosen from a reading text that you took in the course.

Note!! Grammar is NOT graded in the oral testing. We are not so concerned that every sentence is perfectly formed. The main concern is with your use of the new words and your ability to understand what is being said to you.

wa billahi taufeeq!

With Allah is all success!