The Skills

The skills we develop in this course are:





Reading Text

Hadith Memorization (which helps to get lughah onto the tongue)

You must go through each module step-by-step in order to increase the level of your MASTERY. The goal for each and every section is that you MASTER it.

MASTERY means that you can

  1. say/pronounce the new words
  2. you can use the new words in speaking and written exercises
  3. you can answer questions about the Reading video/ text

Reading Comprehension

The reading text will combine vocabulary and grammar. Try to decode the text and answer the questions on your own or with a study partner before going to the Answer Keys.

Written Exercises

When writing the exercise worksheets, make it a practice to read your answers out loud. Make an audio if you like, and send it to one of the teachers. I can't stress enough the importance of language on the tongue.

The Skill of Listening, hear the audio below.

Grammar helps us put words together and form statements that others can understand. Here is the simple process for learning Grammar. It is important to note that this is the ONLY true way to learn Grammar. You WILL NOT learn Arabic Grammar by asking lots of questions. Actually the more questions, the more confused you will become. Simply follow the examples.