Year 2 Arabic: Intermediate to Advanced

Weekly Live Classes, Videos, Audios + Access to our online Support Community


Get the feeling that you have 'arrived' in the lughah. Speak about your world and your experiences, give your opinions and advice to others...in Arabic!

Experience the excitement of taking advice directly from the writings and speech of Islamic scholars.

By the end of this course, feel yourself walking on a solid foundation where you confidently use all language skills to understand the religion and express yourself through the Arabic language.

and... understand more...a lot more of the Book of Allah.

See the 'Introduction' Section of the Course for a Course Outline

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You can enroll at any time, start the module lessons and be well prepared when Live Teaching Sessions begin.


After purchasing your course, you will receive an invitation to a Live Introduction Session, in which you can set your schedule for coming Live Sessions with your group.

You will also be invited to a WhatsApp group for additional support through chat and audio.

For additional questions or concerns email:

[email protected]

Your Instructor

Us-taatha Nadiya Johnson
Us-taatha Nadiya Johnson

Assalaamu alaykum,

My name is Ustaatha Nadiya Johnson and I will be guiding you through your learning journey here at Nakh-lah Arabic Center. Over 20 years ago, I traveled to Egypt & Saudi Arabia to study Arabic and Quran. During my studies, I witnessed many of my Western sisters having great difficulty learning in the fast-paced classrooms of the Middle East and sadly, most got left behind. I decided then to become a teacher and I designed this 2-year program to serve the learning needs of my sisters in Islam from the West.

Ahlan!! (Welcome) I look forward to working with you.

and with Allah is all success...

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start, how do I proceed?
The course starts now. It is partly independent study so you can go ahead and start with the first month of study materials. You will be invited to participate in weekly LIVE classes with a teacher.
How long do I have access to the course?
You have access to: the course materials, LIVE weekly classes, the social media support groups, for as long as you pay the monthly subscription.

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